Journalism in the Baltic states: changing with the times

Youth in the 21st Century: Debating and Producing Media Camp in Sigulda.

Journalism will continue to be relevant to society as long as journalists are able to multi-task and produce content that is accessible for everyone.

These were the conclusions that three prominent figures in Baltic media put forward at a question-and-answer session entitled "The Future of Journalism in Latvia’ during the Latvia Youth in the 21st Century: Debating and Producing Media Camp in Sigulda.

The three panelists were Janis Palkavnieks, a spokesman for social network company Draugiem Group, TV3 journalist and war correspondent Sandijs Semjonovs, and Executive Director of the Latvian news agency LETA, Una Klapkalne.

"Journalists need to know how to use all the different mediums available to them, and also how to write about complicated issues in a simple way," said Klapkalne.

Semjonovs believes that there will always be a market for robust and objective journalism.  “People will always want good reporting,” he claimed, even if it the platform it was published to changed dramatically.

Palkavnieks saw jornalism shifting in the direction of monetisation nad micro transactions, news and commentary offered to the public in exchange for a very small amount of money. He said that this trend would bring about a revivial of interest in investigative journalism.

Palkavnieks, Klapalne and Semjonovs were speaking to the Debate and Media camp's 33 participants, all young people with an interest in journalism, political activism and critical thinking.

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